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Netezza Introduction

The IBM® Netezza appliance is a test and development system and packs the performance and simplicity of Netezza’s unique architecture into a compact footprint. The IBM Netezza appliance soffers customers an economical platform to develop and test their Business Intelligence (BI) and advanced analytic applications. It also shares the same characteristics as its enterprise-class counterpart of simplicity, ease of deployment and use and hardware-based acceleration of analytic queries and workloads.

The IBM Netezza is an easy-to-use appliance that requires minimal tuning and administration, speeding up application development. It is delivered ready-to-go for immediate data loading and query execution and integrates with leading ETL, BI and analytic applications through standard ODBC, JDBC and OLE DB interfaces.

The IBM Netezza system’s performance advantage comes from IBM’s unique Asymmetric Massively Parallel Processing™ (AMPP™) architecture, which combines open, blade-based servers with commodity disk storage and patented data filtering using Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs). As an appliance that shares the same software and hardware architecture with other members of the IBM Netezza data warehouse appliance family, the IBM Netezza is ideal for use as a test and development system for high-performance BI applications.

As a commodity based appliance, IBM Netezza is a very affordable analytic option, delivering up to 10 TB of user data capacity in a compact physical and environmental footprint. The IBM Netezza appliance requires minimal ongoing administration, both in internal resources as well as implementation costs, for an overall low cost of ownership.There are no hidden costs.

Inside the IBM Netezza 
The IBM Netezza appliance is built using commodity blade servers and storage, turbocharged by FPGAs that filter out extraneous data as it streams off the disk. Each appliance contains a Snippet Blade™ (or S-Blade™), which is responsible for processing SQL queries in parallel across 8 pairs of Intel CPU cores and FPGA cores. Skimmer packs this power in a compact 7 rack-unit chassis, while still offering up to 10 TB of user data capacity.